4 LEVEL: our wedge levelling system

4 LEVEL: our wedge levelling system

The company mission that has always distinguished la 7c is the QUALITY of its products, intended for all professionals in the laying of floor and wall coverings.

Our aim with “4 Level” is to revisit a great classic among levelling systems, the wedge.

The “4” is at the centre of our leveller design: 4 types for each different joint thickness, 4 colours to distinguish each thickness and 4 strengths.

Specifically, these are:

➡ RESISTANCE– The width of the vertical septa has been increased in order to provide a higher level of resistance in use. While the wedge has been reinforced with ribs that inhibit the deformation of the side walls during compression;

➡ PRECISION – The base of the product has an inclination that facilitates the installation of the tile. The wedge has been made using state-of-the-art construction techniques that make the advancement constant and net;

➡ RELIABILITY – The product has been tested on various types of substrates, materials and formats, guaranteeing an excellent balance between resistance and cracking of the base, so as to ensure a high level of tightness when inserting the wedge and easy breaking of the wedge without the risk of leaving residues in the tile;

➡ QUALITY – This product is made from high-grade plastic, manufactured by our local craftsmen to give you greater control throughout the production cycle.

The larger size of the vertical septa increases the strength of the tie rod, the sloping surface at the base facilitates insertion between the mounting surface and the tile, and the base can also be adapted to systems with a centre-guided wedge.

The wedge, on the other hand, is designed to have the right proportion between speed of use and increase in force, thanks to the increase in height between each tooth. In addition, the double central ribs prevent the side walls of the wedge from deforming.

All this makes4 Level the best in the field.

You can find 4 Level in Standard versions for 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm and3 mm joints.

Each type has a different colour to make the product easily identifiable:

👉 Standard 1 mm – Grey

👉 Standard 1.5 mm – White

👉 Standard 2 mm – Yellow

👉 Standard 3 mm – Blue

We have always maintained the right mix of productionquality, typical of the craftsmanship in our country, attention to detail and technological innovation.

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