Rubber spatulas: the perfect grout you were looking for.

Rubber spatulas: the perfect grout you were looking for.

Today I want to tell you about the perfect product for grouting floor and wall joints: the rubber spatula.

Our spatula is made of high-grade plastic in two different processing stages. This procedure allows the rubber to be welded directly to the handle, providing maximum stability and precision when grouting. Suitable for all types of grout, it can be found in versions with a fixed or removable handle.

In addition to having an ergonomic handle made of soft rubber, the latter reduces plastic consumption, thanks to the possibility of replacing only the deteriorated plate by reusing the handle.

Our corporate philosophy is perfectly in line with safeguarding the planet by adopting policies to optimise plastic consumption.


Another must-have tool for professionals is the small rubber spatula.

L’abbiamo pensata apposta per voi!

This product is particularly suitable for grouting joints in difficult places or where there is little room for manoeuvre.

Its small sizeallows it to reach anywhere with precision and ease of use.

Perfect for grouting skirting boards, it allows the job to be done flawlessly, without soiling adjacent walls or surfaces. Our putty knife is made of high-grade plastic. It consists of a hard plastic core and a non-slip, ergonomic rubber coating, making it suitable for all types of grout. Specifically, its dimensions are 75×180 and you can find it in a convenient box of 12 pieces.


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